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    Shipping Info

    This page will try to explain how we ship parts and attempt to answer some questions about or shipping method. Keep in mind this isn't a complete and comprehensive write up about or shipping practices.

    Things to know about our shipping methods:

    A) When you place an order we will normally process your order the next working day and ship it the same day we process it, sometimes this may not be the case and we may process your order on the same day of placing it but ship it the next day. We try our best to have it done like this but sometimes this may not be the cases and your order may be sent out a day or two later then originally expected.

    B) We ship with the United States Postal Service and use the Priority Mail option with a Signature Confirmation receipt or a Delivery Confirmation receipt. You may ask us to ship your order by USPS Express Mail but keep in mind this option is usually double the price of Priority Mail and the post office says it takes 2 days versus the 3 days of Priority Mail.

    C) Currently we do not ship packages out on Saturday and Monday so orders placed on a Friday will not be sent out until the following Tuesday we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but we hope to have this situation remedied in the near future.

    D) If you place a large order it may be delayed a day or two longer then a smaller order due the having to pack large orders and not have items damaged.

    E) When shipping to Canada we sometimes delay the shipping of the package one (1) day to get the customs paper work in order. Keep in mind that Canadian Customs will sometimes hold packages for a few day to up to a few weeks so if there is a delay in receiving your shipment please contact the Canadian Customs office. Once we ship the package and once the U.S. Postal Service takes it across the border we have no control over what happens to it.

    F) We no longer offer free shipping on orders over $350.00.

    G) If you request to have a order insured you are responsible for the claims entirely and we are not responsible for packages lost by the Post Office. Due to the fact we shipped the package and have proof of a shipment it will be out of our hands so do not attempt to stop payments made to us as we will take this as an attempt to commit fraud and it will be reported to the F.B.I and a complaint will be filed with local authorities. (Sorry if this sounds harsh but we have had this happen to use before and the individuals received their parts after a month being 'lost' in shipment).

    H) We do not ship to APO or similar addresses do to things often ending up missing when shipped to these addresses.

    Postal Information:

    The USPS website can be found at USPS.com and the signature confirmation numbers we have can be tracked from the main page so if you did not receive your package after 6 days please call us for this number and it may help to find out where the package is.