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    Lack of site updates.

    on 11 Jul : 06:21  Posted by keoni  Category: VTCycles.com News  
    Hello once again guys, it's been a while since I've posted anything. Some of you may have known that I left my position at VT Cycles a few years ago to be a full time father to my now 5 kids and it keeps me super busy and so I haven't been able to help VT Cycles out that much with major updates and such but I try to sneak in minor updates when I need to. Due to the lack of updates on my part I will need to do a bunch of things to get everything back up and running to it's full capacity and hopefully bring things into a more modern style for Steve and VT Cycles so please be patient while I work on making VT Cycles awesome once again and thank you for your continued support!

    P.S. I turned off the registration system so no one will be able to register and I think log in but it shouldn't matter much because there wasn't really a reason to log in anyway but there will be later on.

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