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    Is it really time?

    on 24 Sep : 20:17  Posted by keoni  Category: Misc  
    Hello customers and friends,

    It’s me Keoni, I’ve been working here at VT Cycles for the past 9 years of my otherwise short life, I have met more people than most people could imagine and spoken to people from all over the world (I still have a bitch of a time understanding the Aussie’s lol).

    Most of my time at VT Cycles was coming in 6 days a week from 10AM - 6PM and at other times much later (the early years without a wife and kids lol). I would come in and open the shop and begin answering the phone, most times it was questions about if we had something in stock (I’m sorry if we didn’t), the time we close or another general question or do we sell whole tires but most often I would receive questions about repairing a moped and helping someone trouble shoot their moped even though I know they never purchased anything from the shop or myself, I was here to help anyone who called if it was possible.

    In the early years this was mostly people from Hawaii but we later branched out to the internet with our VT Cycles website and this opened the door for us to deal with people from all over the world. At times I loved the website and other times I’ve hated it (I’m sorry I didn’t do a better job on it but it was harder than I thought and our vision was grand), our website allowed us to connect with new customers whom later became friends. Some of you were kid’s when you started calling us and now you have grown up and it’s funny that it almost seemed like I was a part of it. Some of you were much older but loved scooters/mopeds so much that it made you feel like a kid again.

    Some people have gotten on my nerves while others have offered to take me out to dinner if I was ever in the area (maybe next time I’m in GA. Sanjoy) but I never really felt that I hated my job. Thanks to the wonderful guys that have been my co-workers for so many years have made coming to work 6 days a week less painful and often times fun.

    Donald C. who was here since my first day and who has been the most consistent person I have ever known is great to work with although you did take some time to open up and start talking to me lol. Don’t worry we’ll try to make the New year’s Eve parties even though they banned fireworks here and I’ll still wish you good luck on you’re Vegas trips.

    Roy A. who has been like a little brother to me although he has never been little, you’re great to work with although you can be a lazy bastard at times. You are a very helpful young man who swears far to much, I’ll let you know when I need something welded.

    Ed K., you are a really nice guy who is sometimes to cheap for you’re own good lol. Keep your Volkswagen running smooth.

    James K., Christian, Dean, Ross, Ugly Chris, you all helped make my time here a good one most times, thank you.

    Last but not least is the boss man himself (yes he is the boss not me), you gave me chances and trusted me with your store and gave me something to do with a good chunk of my life which allowed me to meet all the guys I mentioned earlier, I’ve worked for you before the shop was opened and I have known you for over a third of my life. You have a big heart and you are so much like a brother to me, you have been a source of great frustration at times but always a source of tremendous friendship. You allowed me to cut my teeth on being a boss to a small band of great guys and to get my ass kicked by the retail sales world. Without this great opportunity to work here at VT Cycles I don’t know where I would have been so for all of this thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to work here at VT Cycles, I truely feel blessed for all of this.

    Some of you may have guessed it by now and some of you have known for a bit and if you haven’t please continue reading. September 30th, 2010 will be my last day here at VT Cycles in my current capacity. With the recent death of my father, the health troubles with my youngest daughter and my wife almost finishing school the time has come for me to leave VT Cycles’ day to day operations and focus on my family and my new role of being a stay at home dad to my three wonderful children whom I’ve missed so many small things while they were growing up and I having to work so often.

    I will miss coming into work and dealing with so many great people in person and on the phone but I believe this ultimately will be for the better. So thank you to everyone who I’ve dealt with over the years for making my time here at VT Cycles a mostly great, sometimes frustrating experience, my time here will be missed. And for those interested I’ll pop up once in a while on this website as well as the HondaSpree.net forum (my name is Keoni on there) and for the time being I can still be emailed at our websites domain name (vtcycles.com) using keoni@ until it gets deleted which may be a while. And remember, if you need hop up scooter parts shoot Steve an email or give him a call and he’ll hook you right up. Now I’ll have more time to spend with my current hobby of air guns lol.

    Mahalo nui loa,

    Former VT Cycles General Manager

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